The Passage To Sicily is Fully Crewed

The Passage To Sicily is Fully Crewed


“Albert Einstein was a cruising sailor… and in his boat, as in physics, he sailed joyously close to the wind.” – John Vigor

Albert Einstein  … learned to sail on the Zürichsee, in Switzerland in 1896 in a 17-footer “Tinef” meaning “Worthless”. He was eighteen

Sailing from Olbia, Sardinia to Palermo, Sicily with a Couple of Overnight Watches.

Fully booked! Don’t worry, there is always the trip back at the end of the season and this one may also provide two nights at sea, as we will be sailing all the way north to Olbia …

Passage To Sicily

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Passage To Sicily

Posted from Ellesmere Port, England, United Kingdom.

Fully crewed.



Nigel Backwith
Steve Fowler
Stephen Massarella
Michael Massarella

We’ll be a strong and fun crew, so this is one really to look forward to.

Right now the dates are 30 May to 5 June. I’ll post final details soon.