16 April: The drive to Sardinia

Posted from Bèze, Côte d'Or, France.

A 5:00am start from Chester to pick up Dave Whittaker from the tiny village of Loxley, near Uttoxeter, en route to the channel tunnel and on to Bèze, in the Côte D’Or region of France for the first night’s stop.  Here, in this picturesque village seemingly forgotten by time, lies the Auberge de la Quatr’Heurie, warm and welcoming and boasting a Côte de Boeuf par excellence. I happened across this eccentric establishment a few years back and I always look forward to spending the night there on the way south; after the long, boring Autoroute all day, it represents a just reward.

A bit of a lazy start and a bit of a head from sampling the Premier Cru delivered up as open house wine at the hostelry, sees us wend our way south to Livorno, via the Mont Blanc tunnel, where we board Moby Wonder, the Looney Tunes themed ferry for Olbia, where a meal, lacking any of the previous night’s deliciousness was swallowed before bunking down in an airless cabin and waking up in Olbia.  Oboe welcomes us in Marina di Olbia, as do a number of old friends and before long, the big clean up begins.


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