Preparing Oboe For The Trip Home To Dartmouth

Preparing Oboe For The Trip Home To Dartmouth

Apr 25, 2010 03:19:01 12:32N 061:25W

Nigel, Ryan and Rob (me), are aboard Oboe in Port Louis Marina, St Georges, Grenada, preparing her for the North Atlantic crossing. The Sun is fierce and the air hot and humid, but we are progressing well. Ryan has whipped many rope ends, rigged a clever preventer system, which holds the boom in place when you’re running down the wind. Nigel has worked on his skipper’s tasks, planning, purchasing as well as working on deck with Ryan to refit the sails today, after their inspection and maintenance. I have been familiarising myself again with Oboe’s bilges, machinery and pipes. Tomorrow we start before the day becomes too hot to reseal a few stanchions and replace a navigation light. David flies over from the UK to join us tomorrow, then we’ll be four. It is very magical moored here in the middle of the harbour, but the music plays all around us late into the night, and even all night last night !

Love to all at home from all of us aboard Oboe.


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