Bye Bye Bermuda

Bye Bye Bermuda

18 May 2010 15:07:37 33:01.2N 064:09.7W

GPS Position: 33:01.2N 064:09.7W
Sea Miles (previous 12 Hours): 53nMs
Sea Miles to date: 1,080nMs
Present Course Over Ground: 041°M
Present Boat Speed 6.3kts
Average Boat Speed (previous 12 hours): 4.3kts
Average Boat Speed to date: 6.1kts
***Velocity Made Good (VMG) to date: 5.5kts ***
Estimated GPS Position in 24 hours time: 33:54N 062:50W
Sea State: Calm
Wind Speed and Direction: 12kts ESE
Barometric Pressure: 1014mB
(VMG – An accurate measure of the average velocity achieved to date along
our chosen rhumb line from Antigua to Dartmouth, UK)

Despite the initial disappointment of the decision to call in at Bermuda, it turned out to be an enjoyable and successful visit. We left at dusk yesterday, being Monday evening, having achieved “the impossible”. Most of this thanks to Rob’s engineering prowess and a bit to Nigel’s tenacity on the phone with welders and marine engineers. By 1600hrs, after 2 taxi journeys, 2 two mile walks and 4 hours of Rob crouched uncomfortably in the depths of the stern locker, we had a fully functioning generator back in commission.

Now, on the high seas again, with a crew of 5, it is 1050hrs local time Tuesday. We are still less than 100nMs northeast of Bermuda, after a still night and we wait in anticipation for the wind shift that will allow us to
turn east and head for home. This will come we are sure in the next 24 hours, as we are now bang on the great circle route used for centuries by the old square riggers and merchantmen.

Knightime, with my friend Mike at the helm, slipped away several hours before us yesterday and the ARC Europe fleet leaves Bermuda tomorrow mid morning. It is comforting to know that we will be surrounded by a flotilla of small boats as we head for Horta in the Azores even if we seldom catch a glimpse of them.


Date: 18 May 2010

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