Portuguese Men O’War

Portuguese Men O’War

15 May 2010 13:41:06 30:11.3N 064:00.6W

GPS Position: 30:11.3N 064:00.6WSea Miles (previous 24 Hours): 136nMsSea Miles to date: 877nMs
Present Course Over Ground: 350°M
Present Boat Speed 5.5kts
Average Boat Speed (previous 24 hours): 5.7kts
Average Boat Speed to date: 6.3kts
***Velocity Made Good (VMG) to date: 5.6kts ***
Estimated GPS Position in 24 hours time: 32:20N 064:42W (St George’s Harbour
Sea State: Calm
Wind Speed and Direction: 5kts NE
Barometric Pressure: 1017mB
(VMG – An accurate measure of the average velocity achieved to date along
our chosen rhumb line from Antigua to Dartmouth, UK)

We are getting used to the sound of the motor firmly pushing us along a straight line towards Bermuda. With the sails in their bags, we don’t have to worry about wind shifts, flapping canvas or the making and shaking out of reefs ahead of incoming squalls. The sea is flat calm, there are no squalls, only huge numbers of Portuguese Men O’War jelly fish, with their bubble-like sails raised floating menacingly in the water around us. Fancy a swim anyone? In fact there is little to worry about except the outcome of the “who dunnit” novels being passed around from our informal sharing library on board. Yesterday saw every inch of Oboe’s guard rails adorned with washing, the cockpit cleaned with fresh soapy water and as dusk approached, the entire crew relaxing in the fresh cockpit with a choice of beverage and a few canapés!

We anticipate making landfall in St George’s Harbour, Bermuda at dawn tomorrow, Sunday. We will not stay long although there are a few items to be attended to before pushing on for the Azores: Nigel plans a cup of coffee with old friends, Rob will seek assistance with a generator problem, David will re-provision with a few fresh food items, whilst Ryan, Maggie and Wendy clean and prepare the boat for the next leg of the journey.

Although unscheduled, all agree it will be a bonus to experience Bermuda, even for a day.

P.S. Still haven’t caught any damn fish!


Date: 15 May 2010

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