Bermuda Here We Come

Bermuda Here We Come

14 May 2010 14:05:08 28:10.1N 062:59.2W

GPS Position: 28:10.1N 062:59.2W
Sea Miles (previous 24 Hours): 162nMs
Sea Miles to date: 741nMs
Present Course Over Ground: 3352°M
Present Boat Speed 6.3kts
Average Boat Speed (previous 24 hours): 6.8kts
Average Boat Speed to date: 6.4kts
***Velocity Made Good (VMG) to date: 5.6kts ***
Estimated GPS Position in 24 hours time: 30:23N 064:08W
Sea State: Mill Pond
Wind Speed and Direction: 3kts N
Barometric Pressure: 1012mB
(VMG – An accurate measure of the average velocity achieved to date along
our chosen rhumb line from Antigua to Dartmouth, UK)

All’s well. We have left the trade winds behind us and emerged into a windless zone 250 nMs (nautical miles) south of Bermuda. I think I am right in saying that this area is part of the “Horse Latitudes” and stretches a long way east. We need to get north of it to find the west winds that will take us home. In days gone by, square riggers with no engine power would get stuck in the horse latitudes and running short of food, would throw their horses overboard rather than see them starve or would slaughter them for food for the crew! Fortunately we have an engine and with no Frenchmen on board, have no taste for horse meat!

The weather forecast is for little or no wind until north of Bermuda, by which time we will have burned over half our diesel stocks. So, an unscheduled landfall in Bermuda will be made to refuel and perhaps to stock up on one or two fresh food items. A “Full English” breakfast on Bermuda also has its attractions of course! I guess this will add an extra day to our journey time but having been conservative on our likely progress we will probably claw this back over the coming days.

Given the mill pond conditions, watches have been reduced to one person to allow the crew to catch up on much needed sleep. Maggie is on early morning watch, doing strenuous exercise on the aft deck, putting the rest of us “fatties” to shame. I am nursing a stiff back and everyone else is tucked up in their bunks. Breakfast beckons …


Date: 14 May 2010

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