Passage To Sicily

Posted from Ellesmere Port, England, United Kingdom.

Fully crewed.



Nigel Backwith
Steve Fowler
Stephen Massarella
Michael Massarella

We’ll be a strong and fun crew, so this is one really to look forward to.

Right now the dates are 30 May to 5 June. I’ll post final details soon.

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  1. Hartmut

    Hi Nigel,

    Envy you guys in your trip to sicily. Looking forward hearing / reading about it from time to time. Send some tweets…

    Bat Goddess


    ( Friend of Karl ex “Go East”, Olbia – Met in 2012)

    • Nigel

      Hartmut, good to hear from you. Give my best wishes to Mad Karl. Nig

  2. Nigel

    Just back from three weeks of refit work and general maintenance on Oboe, with the help of Dave Whittaker, master deck scrubber and mast climber. Thanks Dave! Oboe is gleaming again both above and below the waterline. Our friend Fabio dived in 16 degree waters for 2 hours replacing anodes, cleaning the prop and scraping Oboe’s bottom too!

    Next stop Licata, Sicily and the start of a new season in a new cruising area. Nigel and Gill. X

  3. Nigel

    From the Skipper: Good News! We are fully crewed up for the Passage to Sicily. Leaving on 30 May from Olbia, Sardinia, weather depending, we plan to Coastal hop south to Cagliari and then cross to the NW tip of Sicily. Crew is:

    Nigel Backwith
    Steve Fowler
    Stephen Massarella
    Michael Massarella

    Can’t wait!

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