Didn’t Anyone Tell You? Sailing Is A Water Sport!

Didn’t Anyone Tell You? Sailing Is A Water Sport!

13 May 2010 12:42:00 25:59.3N 062:51.9W

GPS Position: 25:59.3N 062:51.9W
Sea Miles (previous 24 Hours): 164nMs
Sea Miles to date: 579nMs
Present Course Over Ground: 010°M
Present Speed Over Ground: 6.4kts
Average Speed Over Ground (previous 24 hours): 6.8kts
Average Speed Over Ground to date: 6.3kts
Estimated GPS Position in 24 hours time: 28:29N 063:08W
Sea State: Moderate to Rough
Wind Speed and Direction: 17kts NE
Barometric Pressure: 1012mB
Engine Hours to date: 0.37hrs

It has been a tiring 24 hours for everyone. The seas and the wind strength picked up early yesterday and have been unrelenting. There is a bit of sea sickness on board but everyone is managing very well. It has been a steep learning curve for all but it is a pleasure to see the team coming together, with watch leaders ordering sail reefing and the job being done safely and efficiently. Sail trim is better understood too, which sees boat speed being maintained effectively. Couldn’t ask for a better crew. Maggie even managed to prepare and serve a delicious chilli con carne during last night’s bad weather! If we keep up our current progress we will be in The Azores in less than 2 weeks time but that is pure speculation at this stage of the journey. Actually we are forecast light winds later on today and for the next 24 hours when the trade winds eventually give up. So far, however, the winds have been consistently higher than forecast, so who knows. 

David and Ryan are on deck, flying fish watching, with all others in their bunks.

Local time here it is actually 0740. It is sunny with partial cloud cover and warming up. At least I guess it is, as I can see the watch stripping out of their wet weather gear into the shorts and T-shirts below. Oh, yes I forgot to mention it rained much of the night and we also took some rogue waves over the bow that dumped gallons of water into the cockpit providing an uncalled for dousing! No one needs reminding that sailing is a water sport.


Date: 13 May 2010

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