Dolphins Do It On Porpoise!

12 May 2010 12:48:00 23:36.5N 062:25.9W

GPS Position: 23:36.5N 062:25.9W
Sea Miles (previous 24 Hours): 149nMs
Sea Miles to date: 415nMs
Present Course Over Ground: 014°M
Present Speed Over Ground: 6.8kts
Average Speed Over Ground (previous 24 hours): 6.2kts
Average Speed Over Ground to date: 6.1kts
Estimated GPS Position in 24 hours time: 26:07N 062:29W
Sea State: Moderate with increasing swell and chop
Wind Speed and Direction: 17kts E
Barometric Pressure: 1008mB

As predicted by the weather forecast we acquired via email yesterday, the winds have picked up and veered a little further east, so it doesn’t look as if we will end up in New York after all! Squall activity also picked up at dusk and bothered us at times through the night, requiring bouts of hard work reefing sails in pouring rain. I think everyone is pleased that it is now light, making it easier to trim the sails and keep the boat on the move. Ryan, Maggie and Wendy are asleep, with Rob and David on watch eating Weetabix for breakfast, no doubt looking forward to getting their heads down soon.

Yesterday saw porpoises visit us for a brief moment but they didn’t stay to play.

At an average of 6.1kts to date, we are making very good progress and we can expect this to continue for another 24+ hours before the trade winds finally run out, when we might need to fire up the engine for the first time until the wind returns, this time from the west, to drive us out into the Atlantic.


Date: 12 May 2010

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