We’re On Our Way Home!

We’re On Our Way Home!

Apr 30, 2010 @ 14:25 12:31.8N 061:23.1W

Now we are Four !

David flew over to join Oboe on Sunday evening, bringing his expertise in Bush Tucker, Biltong etc. to the provisioning role! Yesterday we worked on the final tasks and then shopped for food and jerry cans for extra diesel to keep us going across the Atlantic; 50 extra gallons to be precise. David cooked up a delicious supper and we crashed out for a final, hot night in the confines of Port Louis Marina, St George’s, Grenada.

Today we cast off our umbilical to the shore, said farewell to Martin the boat polisher and underwater technician, who exchanged Mangos for a Tee Shirt from Nigel. Farewells also to Twainelle, who has helped clean up Oboe at Port Louis during the hectic chartering season. With Ryan in charge we burbled out to the West. Lots of katabatic winds gusting 35kts out there as we sailed up the West side of Grenada but once we cleared the north end of the island the wind settled to “Trade Wind” specification and we enjoyed a fine run to Petit St. Vincent, anchoring with views across to Petit Martinique.

We all enjoyed a luxurious plunge off the swimming platform and a “nice cup of tea”. I loved the flying fish we saw skimming the waves today; also the Boobies and other sea birds. This evening a boat comes to take us to a favourite restaurant on Petit Martinique. Tomorrow we hope to visit the Tobago Keys to swim with the turtles. Not too long now until Maggie and Wendy join us. They’ll be delighted to know that we’ve been cleaning their cabin and heads in preparation. See you soon !

Love to all ashore from all we floating non-voters.


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