In the Zone

In the Zone

Dec 10, 2008 @ 14:09 14:56.5N 52:20.5W

The Trade Winds are blowing us directly towards St Lucia. It is as if someone simply forgot to switch them on, on realising he/she rather quietly did so and slipped away, hoping not to be chastised for the oversight!

I received a verse of a John Masefield poem via email from a good friend following our progress and providing us with info. regarding our progress from daily reviews of the ARC website. Thanks Willie for such a thoughtful touch. You cannot imagine how closely we motley crew aboard Oboe relate to the sentiments and the word picture it paints. It goes:

“In the harbor, in the island, in the Spanish Seas, Are the tiny white houses and the orange trees, And day-long, night-long, the cool and pleasant breeze Of the steady Trade Winds blowing.”

To more routine matters. We have rushed headlong under full sail all day today with building seas of the most unbelievable blue hue imaginable. Bart Simpson clouds overhead against deep blue skies complete the 360 degree, cartoon Technicolor water world that encircles us. Daily chores completed today included a thorough rig check and a new filter in the water maker, requiring Nigel and Rob to perform contortions of an unthinkable nature while being tossed from side to side. We also uncovered some considerable wear in the rudder bearings. Perhaps this will require Oboe to be hauled out before too long. Let’s hope the repair is not too tricky and covered by warranty! If she is unceremoniously hoisted from the water, at least she can have her bottom scrubbed as a treat at the same time!

On the subject of good living, I wouldn’t want you to get the impression that most of the time is actually spent eating but at risk of this I must mention the tuna caught yesterday and served up on a bed of rice, seared with ginger, lime and soy marinade, courtesy of Jeremy and Nigel. The last time I ate tuna as wonderful as this was last time I caught one off the back of a boat! Oboe D’Amore’s gourmet Galley remains in full swing and we still have fresh fruit and veg. every day.

St Lucia and reunion with wives, husbands and girlfriends looks as if it might just be Saturday evening, so keep thinking “wind for Oboe”. I wish you all a good night …


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