Red,White & Blue

Red,White & Blue

Dec 10, 2008 @ 14:07 15:08.2N 49:15.71W

Another day in paradise, as Oboe marches onwards towards the finish line in St Lucia. With the Trade winds varying slightly in strength and direction a number of sail plans were tried as the day unfolded. Nigel’s favourite, the red asymmetric (or cruising chute) was deployed after breakfast for a number of hours, while Mike slept. After lunch Nigel caught up on some much needed rest after this sail had been replaced by ‘racer’ Mike’s preferred option, the spinnaker, or ‘Blue Beast’. Just before nightfall we swapped the Beast for a white sail, the trusted ‘poled out’ genoa, as we each looked forward to a comfortable night ahead and some more much needed zzzz’s.

After a slow start and the huge ‘one that got away’ yesterday, fishing aboard Oboe is back on track. Following the numerous Dorado, together with the Kingfish from a few days ago, our first Tuna was landed mid-afternoon and we all look forward to tuna steaks forming the basis of tomorrow evening’s meal.

With St Lucia becoming ever closer attention has inevitably focussed on possible arrival dates and times. Whilst part of each of us does not want this voyage to end, the competitive side drives us on in our quest to hopefully achieve a respectable finishing time. Numerous calculations have been carried out by John to generate ETA only to be subsequently modified by Nigel’s various ‘Fudge Factors’. Rob quietly listened to all the banter and dryly added that he has heard all this stuff before on previous ARC’s, adding that none of this discussion will have any effect on the outcome – whatever will be will be!


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