The Chocolate Melted So We Headed West

The Chocolate Melted So We Headed West

Nov 28, 2008 @ 13:45 19:42.80N 21:50.70W

Winds have picked up over the last 24 hours and we are now really making good progress, when compared with that of the last few days. Furthermore, The decision has been made. Based on the latest forecast from World Cruising’s weather guru Chris Tibbs, the weather data (grib) files and more importantly, the fact we could hold our nerve no longer, we nervously gybed onto starboard tack, shook out the single reef in the main and headed due West. At last it feels we are now actually bound for St Lucia. Once we had settled down, Rob, who has done this all before, dryly reminded us – ‘a couple more weeks of this and we will be there’. Skipper, Nigel, ably assisted by his Comis Chef Jeremy, then disappeared below, and in what seemed like no time at all produced a fantastic Indian meal of Chicken Rogan, Onion Bhajis, Chick peas, Basmati Rice with home made Naan Bread. The tragedy of the day, however, has to be admitted, fishing on Oboe remains a fiasco, with ‘Disco Squid’ our favourite luminous green lure being lost to the waves as another huge fish ‘got away’. Maybe tomorrow….


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