Rocking & Rolling towards the Cape Verde Islands

Rocking & Rolling towards the Cape Verde Islands

Nov 27, 2008 @ 13:42 21:23.60N 19:37.40W

The winds picked up last night around 2200 hours and have held all day in the 12-17 knot range with the seas steadily building to about 1m (3ft). We are running dead downwind maintaining a boat speed of 6-8 knots with some rolling, given the seas on our stern. After the light winds of the last few days, it feels great to be moving with some speed – Oboe has certainly picked up her skirts! Due to a couple of depressions in the mid-Atlantic that are disturbing the Trade Winds, we – along with most of the ARC fleet – are heading south towards the Cape Verde islands before turning west around latitude 18N, with the aim of finding better winds below the depressions. Or, as the Met Office wouldn’t say, “head south to avoid the s*** above”.

On the domestic front special mention must be given to Mike who has really shown his talents over the last few days. On Tuesday he scrubbed & cleaned the cockpit till the teak was nearly gone. Yesterday he cleaned every nook & cranny of the saloon until they were cleaner than when we arrived – much to Nigel’s embarrassment! And tonight he slaved in the galley to concoct a masterpiece dinner of Marks & Spencer chunky steak, mashed sweet potato and vegetables, followed by peach (as in peach only) desert. We eagerly await further surprises!

Unfortunately news on the fishing front is not as cheerful, as the only achievement we have had is in losing two lures. However, we intend to persevere in our attempts – especially following the ribbing we received over the radio from Magic Bus, who were planning serving fresh dorado for dinner!

I’m the only one so far enjoying the delights of sea water showers off the stern – buckets of sea water to wet, soap & lather, buckets of sea water to rinse, followed by a fresh water shower rinse. I can testify that the sea is getting warmer as we head south due to less screaming when I pour a bucket of sea water over myself. The others are still enjoying hot showers below – call themselves sailors!

Anyway, back to my night watch.


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