Gently Sliding Down The African Coast

Gently Sliding Down The African Coast

Nov 25, 2008 @ 13:36 24:34.40N 17:19.40W

We’re having a great time! Having easily slipped into cruising mode we are sailing downwind, soaking up the sunshine, as we go about our daily duties in shorts by day, (don’t worry Valerie, by night Mike is wearing all that expensive ‘ocean kit’ he convinced you was a must for crossing The Atlantic!!). After a variety of sail plans we have opted for a poled out genoa & cruising chute with the mainsail bagged for now. The sails make a wonderful sight against the sunny blue skies. This beautiful setup is giving us an average speed of 4-5 knots in light winds and edging us ever closer to stronger Tradewind sailing, as we aim west of the Cape Verde Islands.

The highlight overnight was the appearance of a pod of dolphins bursting through the ocean phosphorescence and leaving a sparkling trail as they swam from side to side under Oboe’s hull – what an absolute treat. We are now seeing only the occasional ARC yacht on the horizon, as we continue to live well on Iona’s fantastic provisioning and catering. It’s a tough life….


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