Champagne sailing without the champagne

Champagne sailing without the champagne

Nov 24, 2008 @ 13:32 26:09.64N 16:14.98W

All boats assembled for the cruising start at 1300 hours yesterday. Oboe’s tactic was to stay in the Marina as long as possible, in order to avoid the melee near the start line. However the excitement overcame us and we left slightly earlier that we had intended. We had a good start and managed to keep away from the highest concentration of boats. The radio was alive with jubilant, if slightly nervous, voices after the start and from what we heard all boats got away safely.

The sky was blue and the wind about 16 Knots as we cruised along at 7 Knots. An easier passage of sailing would be difficult to find. Pre-prepared sandwiches for lunch and cold chicken for dinner both tasted good. Oboe is following the route recommended by the ARC weather man. This is due South to Cap Verde islands then West to St. Lucia. During the night the wind dropped and consequently our speed (4Kts), However the weather was warm with clear sky and magnificent tapestry of stars above.

Today we had a group call-in of boats in a similar class to Oboe on the long distance radio (SSB). Many of the boats called in their positions and most appear to be behind us, but this is very early days.


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