The Count Down Begins with a Parade

The Count Down Begins with a Parade

Nov 16, 2008 @ 20:12 28:07.75N 015:25.54W

ARC2008 officially started today, although there have been endless happy hours and parties ever since we arrived here in Las Palmas. At midday it all kicked off with a flag parade, brass bands and fancy dress antics in the water. There is a real family atmosphere building and every nationality is represented. Inevitably, the Scots, Welsh, Guernseymen and Jerseymen declared independence from the UK and marched under their own banners, leaving only the English marching under the union flag! We have Australians on one side of us gloating over yesterday’s rugby result and an Irish father and son on the other flying a Guinness flag. This means that any beers that pass between them have to pass over our decks, which works pretty well!

Everyone is counting down to next Sunday and the start line. Between now and then there is still much to do.

Nigel Backwith


16 November 2008

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