Lanzarote Marina Rubicon

Lanzarote Marina Rubicon

Oct 29, 2008 @ 23:15 28:51.46N 13:49.01W

We arrived at the entrance to Marina Rubicon, Lanzarote at daybreak yesterday and tied up on the reception pontoon, where we remain – a bit of an attraction for large numbers of British families taking the opportunity of a half-term holiday in the sun. After a short sleep we set to and tidied up the boat and then went “off duty”.

A skipper’s job is never done it seems. On passage several issues arose and so I picked them off one at a time. Problems with power management meant phone calls to Southampton, emailed software files to reload an “intelligent” controller and the physical contortions associated with replacing fuses in totally inaccessible places! A cooker oven that refuses to stay alight defeated me, so further emails were sent requesting warranty assistance on arrival in Las Palmas. Eventually, as evening crept up, we decided to wander into town along the well laid out coastal promenade. We found a cocktail bar and settled in for an evening of exotic drinks and tapas, before turning in. Simon and Richard, being a quarter of a century younger than Iona and me felt the call of a late night drinking establishment but were all present and correct this morning.

It was now Simon’s turn to do some maintenance. This required him to climb the mast and replace a broken navigation lamp. It decided to pelt down with rain while he was up there, which was mildly amusing, at least for the rest of us!

Our plan was to stay only one night and to leave bright and early this morning but overnight the weather changed. We have had rain and cold gale force winds all day. The forecast is better from midday tomorrow, so perhaps we will slip away about then. Actually, Simon has already slipped away. He has run out of time and so flew to Las Palmas to catch a flight back home. We’ll miss his company, humour and sailing skills on the next leg but hope to sail with him again before too long. It’s getting late, so I’ll say good night one and all. Sweet dreams.

Nigel Backwith


29 October 2008

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