460Nm Out of Sight of Land

460Nm Out of Sight of Land

Oct 27, 2008 @ 9:32 30:45.083N 013:23.752W

We continue to make very good progress. We covered 182 nM yesterday averaging over 7.5 kts. This seems quite remarkable, given that we are using only a reefed headsail! The swell is enormous. Long slow rolling waves approach our stern and lift us up and over. We then surf gently down the wave at speeds up to 11kts and watch the roller disappear into the distance. A minute or so later the cycle is repeated.

We have sailed 460 Nm out of sight of land and are beginning to get excited about seeing land appear again on the horizon. Since we have made such good time, we have decided to put in to Lanzarote for a night or two as this is between us and Gran Canaria. Lanzarote is only another 100 nM approx. So we expect to make landfall at dawn tomorrow.

We have sighted one or two dolphin but none have stayed with us. We have tried to catch fish but so far with no luck. Simon is setting up the rod and line to have another go; so perhaps a fish supper tonight?

Nigel Backwith


27 October 2008

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