The End of the First Leg of the Journey

The End of the First Leg of the Journey

Sep 30, 2008 @ 15:02 37:06.40N 008:40.40W

Early this morning (Monday), shortly after sunrise, we headed in to our final destination for this leg of the journey, Lagos. There on the reception pontoon was our friend Nimrod, who had left Cascais a few hours before us. Soon we were directed to our berth, which we reversed into, albeit with a little pushing and shoving!

Lagos marina will be Oboe’s home until 24 October, when the second leg of the journey begins with a new crew. Until then, she will be pampered, which is no more than she deserves, given the solid way in which she looked after us at sea and the duties she has performed this last couple of weeks.

Lagos is very warm, has a holiday atmosphere and good facilities. There are any number of boats flying the ARC2008 flag, indicating that they too are crossing the Atlantic as part of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. Our ARC flag is now hoisted from the top of the mast with Oboe’s own battle flag, proudly displaying her full name, Oboe d’Amore. I look forward to making friends with other ARC skippers and sharing experiences over the coming weeks.

No more blog entries until 24 October. Please come back to visit again and follow the next leg of the journey, to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, with new crew: Nigel (skipper), Iona, Simon and another Richard.

Till then Ciao!

Nigel Backwith


30 September 2008

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