La Coruña

La Coruña

Sep 23, 2008 @ 19:48 43:22.10N 008:23.70W

Safely ensconced in the old harbour marina of La Coruña, we reflect on the challenges of south Biscay, over a well-earned bottle of Albarino, the local white wine. We variously pottered or caught up on sleep and talked to other crews also on their way to Las Palmas for the Atlantic Crossing. I guess we will soon get to know the boats and see them from time to time as we travel south.

In the afternoon we soaked up the sun in the immaculate collonade-lined Plaza de Maria Pita in the heart of old La Coruña, drinking coffee and people-watching. How delightful to see families in their Sunday best, promenading and generally failing to keep their children under control! The evening culminated in a gastronomic delight of grilled shellfish and Rioja.

Nigel Backwith


22 September 2008

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