Biscay Day 2

Biscay Day 2

Sep 21, 2008 @ 8:35 45:49.20N 007:30.20W

What a difference a day makes! It all started off well. Full sail and wind on the beam lifted our speed and spirits as dawn broke.

The barometer started to drop a point an hour, clouds rolled in and by 1300 hours we had reefed down. By 1600 hours we had 3 reefs in both the main and the headsail and so began our battle of endurance for the remainder of the day and the night. Eventually, with no more than a pocket handkerchief of sail aloft and seas breaking violently over the decks, we all sat it out, clipped on, in the cockpit, resigned to a long tiring night. Oboe d’Amore behaved herself impeccably, only occasionally shaking her head in defiance as the waved tried to knock her off course. The crew is being tested and is passing with flying colours. Let’s hope the storm breaks soon.

Nigel Backwith


21 September 2008

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