Biscay Day 1

Biscay Day 1

Sep 19, 2008 @ 21:36 47:46.76N 005:57.90W

The winds we hoped for accompanied daybreak and have lasted all day, pushing us steadily south west and out into Biscay. Being right on the stern of the boat, progress is slow but steady, averaging 5kts, under goose-winged sails.

It is a bright sunny day, with bright blue skies, typical of the high pressure system for which we are so grateful. Flat calm, with a hint of a swell, allowed us to enjoy a buffet lunch in the cockpit and even Richard’s famous Hungarian paprika dish for supper. (Agnes’ recipe really! Oh happy anniversary Richard and Agnes!)

Almost as if someone up there wanted to cram as much pleasure into a day as possible for us, we have been accompanied by dolphins for hours today, swimming in our bow wave and giving us synchronised swimming performances to rival the Olympics.

Sunset was beautiful, leaving us alone at sea with a 360 degree uninterrupted horizon and only the Milky Way for company. We have two more days before landfall at the current rate of progress.

Nigel Backwith


19 September 2008

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