Motoring South West in a Flat Calm

Motoring South West in a Flat Calm

Sep 18, 2008 @ 22:32 49:27.8N 003:33.6W

We have settled into the watch pattern easily and with such beautiful weather and calm seas we are able to relax, chat and listen to music. John, sitting up in his bunk doing Sudoko, drinking a cup of tea, makes for a comic scene. Mike seems to need little or no sleep; what little he gets being taken in 1 hour power naps interspersed with the consumption of snickers bars. Richard and Nigel seem to be able to sleep for England!

A few technical snags raised their ugly heads but were quickly dealt with. Most notable being a fouled propeller. After a lot of rumbling, gnawing and grinding, the automatic rope cutter did its job and a sturdy swathe of fishing net floated free and set off to look for its next victim.

It is 2200 hours and we can see the lights of Brittany clearly off the port beam. In 4 hours or so we’ll enter the inner traffic lane round the Brest peninsular and set a course across the Bay of Biscay. This is what it is all about! We have talked about making landfall south of La Coruña on the west coast of Spain in 3-4 days time.

We have motored much of today, which is tiresome and uses precious fuel. Let’s hope for some wind tomorrow.

Nigel Backwith


18 September 2008

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