Oboe d’Amore The Skipper(s)

A boat is not a democracy. Everyone must do exactly what the skipper tells them. But you will need to identify the skipper first!


The Skippers
The Skippers
  • Gill
  • Young all over
  • #1 boys Nick & Jack
  • Can cook, won’t cook
  • Cycled to the shops
  • Fearsome at Body Combat
  • Likes to sail fast
  • Helming, sorry reading my book
  • Certificates, it’s a man thing
  • Nigel
  • Old on the outside
  • #1 girl Gill, #2 Girl Oboe d’Amore
  • Has to cook or starve
  • Cycled 8,000 km across USA
  • iMac, iPad, iPhone, iBoring geek
  • Likes to sail slow
  • Guess it’s my turn
  • Yachtmaster & RYA Instructor

                            Yes, Yes, Yes

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