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Posted from Ellesmere Port, England, United Kingdom.

The quick answer is the Mediterranean around Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily. The season starts mid-April in Olbia, Sardinia.  This is Oboe’s base. She has a permanent berth in Marina di Olbia, a 5 minute taxi ride from Costa Smerelda International airport served by Easyjet from Gatwick, Bristol and other spots, and yes you guessed it, it ends there too sometime in mid-October. Use the comment section below to send us dates you are thinking about and any questions.

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12 April to 10 May Run For The Sun

Run For The Sun.

Shake off the winter blues and enjoy some relaxed day sailing in and around Sardinia, Corsica and the Arcipelago della Maddalena. Come out for a quick week and we’ll show you our favourite bays, beaches and overnight anchorages. The weather is generally wonderful at this time of year, not too hot, the island is lush from the winter rains and it’s uncrowded.  Have a little browse at the photos around the site or watch Oboe – The Movie.  Also Tavolara Island is pretty special too. Run For The Sun is suitable for sailors and non-sailors. Short day sails, beautiful scenery, quiet overnight anchorages, cockpit cocktails and swims off the back of the boat. Lovely!


Yes, Yes, YesYes, Yes, YesYes, Yes, YesLots of availability. Get in touch.

11 May to 24 May Join Our Flotilla

Join Our Flotilla.

Over a few glasses of wine last year I must have agreed to lead a flotilla of sailing boats around Sardinia. No problem! We’re all friends from Marina di Olbia and we are looking forward to cruising a little further afield and of course, to the socialising that is inevitable when you get a bunch of sailors together.

The plan, including the odd party or two, is to do an anti-clockwise circuit, heading north from Olbia for a night or two in the Archipelago della Maddalena and a cruise along the beautiful north coast before making our way to Alghero in the west, where a stop in a marina, to visit the old town is a must.  South from there across the Bay of Oristano with an anchorage or two on the way will see us turn the corner, where there are several beautiful islands, little marinas and well-known anchorages to explore.  Then Cagliari, another must-see and the capital city of Sardinia, steeped in history and beautiful architecture. Officially, the flotilla ends here on or about 15 June.

Most will continue on back to Olbia, perhaps via Villasimius but Oboe has other plans! Farewells in Cagliari and a few glasses of wine on board, me thinks.


Yes, Yes, YesYes, Yes, YesYes, Yes, YesLots of availability. Get in touch.

30 May to 5 June Passage To Sicily

Passage To Sicily.

This will be Oboe’s first crossing to Sicily and we’re very excited about it already; proper offshore sailing even though we’ll only be one night at sea.  It should be great fun adhering to seamanlike behaviour, standing night watches, hourly log keeping and detailed navigation disciplines.  Also there’s the fun of cooking, serving and eating at sea.  If you have never sailed at night out of sight of land then I thoroughly recommend this to you.

Timing is a little fluid, being weather dependent, so I suggest you consider flying into Cagliari sometime around 25 May and flying home from Palermo sometime after 31 May. That way we can choose when to set sail for Sicily, choosing the best weather window.  There should, of course, be time either end for some relaxation in the sun and exploration of overnight anchorages, so it sounds like fun to me.  If you want to combine this event with the events either side, feel free.

Given good fortune, fair winds and clear skies we will have a light, balmy crossing and you are not going to want to sleep anywhere but the cockpit, under the stars.

We’re happy to take inexperienced sailors as long as we have one or two old hands on board.  I know this event already has interest from a couple of friends, so get in now if you want to secure a place. Otherwise there’s always the return trip.



Fully BookedFully Booked

6 June to 14 September Explore Sicily Together

Explore Sicily Together

We haven’t sailed the coast of Sicily before, so this is very exciting.  I know lots of people that have had land-based holidays there and several sailors that love the place, so we’re certainly looking forward to it and I’ve started diving into Rod Heikel’s Italian Waters Pilot and noting down places to visit and places to avoid, especially in the high season!

I can’t add a lot more yet but come back here periodically and I’ll do my best to build in some specifics.  If you are thinking about coming out to join us in Sicily, look into flights and give us a call soon.  It will help with planning to have one or two target dates to work with.  Let’s assume that you’ll fly into and out of Palermo, OK?


Yes, YesYes, Yes14th - 25th July 3 berths remaining  25th July - 5th August fully booked  otherwise lots of availability  Get in touch.

15 September to 22 September Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound.

Watch This Space


Yes, Yes, YesYes, Yes, YesYes, Yes, YesLots of availability. Get in touch.

23 September to 13 October Autumn Wind Down

Autumn Wind Down.

Some would say this is the best time of the year.  Me, I enjoy it all but Sardinia slows down, chills out and cools down, engendering a feeling of well-being.  Familiar waters, the pleasure of finding old friends at anchor in a favourite bay, shared stories of the sea and reflections on another season drawing to a close. Ahhh …

Share these days with us and you’ll not be disappointed.  Enjoy some relaxed day sailing in and around Sardinia and the Arcipelago della Maddalena. Come for a week or a fortnight and we’ll meander along the coast, stay overnight in empty bays, join friends for an impromptu beer or two, visit beaches by dinghy and enjoy good local food and wine. The weather is generally wonderful at this time of year, not too hot and the sea is at its warmest from all the summer sun, perfect for lazy dips or a bit of snorkeling.  Have a little browse at the photos around the site or watch Oboe – The Movie.  Also Tavolara Island is pretty special too.  Our Autumn Wind Down and Chill is suitable for sailors and non-sailors. Lovely! 


Yes, Yes, YesYes, Yes, YesYes, Yes, YesLots of availability. Get in touch.

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  1. Raewyn

    Hi Nigel …….I would be interested in the possibility of sailing with you for two weeks in Jul. I see you are booked from 25 July, therefore anytime prior to the 25th would be great.
    Based on the possibility of where you will be sailing from around 06 July – 11 July, Could you suggest the best dates and port to board. This would help with planning flights. ? Palermo.
    Last question do you have any idea of the route you may be sailing in Sicily for those weeks 06/25 July?
    Look forward to hearing back, Cheers Raewyn

    • Hello Raewyn,

      You’ve found my new website, so you will be aware that I’m no longer chartering and have reverted to sailing with family and friends. However, you’re welcome to join us out in Sicily if you would like in the first half of July. There will be no charge. What I say is Gill & I will run the boat and in return our guests will pick up the costs of food, drink, fuel, berthing, laundry etc. so if this is alright with you then let’s work towards fixing dates.

      Right now I have no-one else penciled in for early July but I do have a family of 5 trying to decide when to come out. Do you plan to come alone or could you put a group of friends together, say 2 of you or as many as 4? Otherwise I will try to find a few people for you to join.

      As for cruising area, I don’t know Sicily very well but I’m told the south is worth exploring, less crowded and less expensive in the summer, so perhaps the airport at Catania is the better one to plan for?

      Look forward to working on this and to meeting you.



      LinkedIn would seem to suggest that you are (somewhat remotely) connected to my friend John Ellis in London and Cathy at Trafalgar Sailing in Gibraltar, where I did my RYA Instructor course! NB

      • Raewyn

        Hi Nigel – As I received your above comment by email I replied via email, did you receive my reply sent Saturday?

        Best regards, Raewyn

        • Nigel

          Hello Raewyn

          Yes, I did get your reply. I haven’t replied further because I haven’t any news on others wanting to come sailing at the same time and I thought you might not want to risk having to pick up all the costs for the week yourself. If this is not a problem for you, however, then why don’t we say 18 – 25 July with you flying into Palermo. I’ll try to be near enough to Palermo that ground transportation is not a problem for you.

          Let me know what you think and then we can firm things up.

          Kind regards


          • Raewyn

            Hi Nigel
            Thanks for the reply;
            A few things, my sail at the end of May leaves from Palermo, and we will be covering some of the northern coast west of Palermo before heading to Sardinia, therefore I was hoping you may be sailing the Southern part of Sicily or south of Catania, not wanting to cover the same route.
            Sorry to be pain but do you have any idea of your route?

            Yes, I was hoping to share any cost, however do you have any idea of the possible cost of mooring, diesel fuel, food, drinks etc if it was necessary to cover this myself?
            Lastly is there any chance of spending more than a week, even 10 days, say boarding around 14th or 15th?

            Best regards, Rae

          • Nigel

            Hi Raewyn

            I do hope to be covering the southern part of Sicily during the time you are with us and as it’s our first time exploring Sicily, I can’t be specific on the route but the plan is to head south. My reference books and pilot guides are on the boat and I’m in UK right now but will return to Sardinia in early April, at which time I’ll do some further planning and let you know route.

            I’ve looked back at costs last year in Sardinia. I guess they’ll be similar. Average for 7 days seems to be:

            Fuel Euro 100-200
            Berthing Euro 120 – 160 per night high season, but try to spend most of the time at anchor.
            Food & Drink Euro 300 (4 people), less if only modest quantities of wine are drunk!
            Laundry Euro 60

            I’ll be on the look out for some others to join us. Plan is v. relaxed exploration of the bays and coastline with time at anchor for swimming, sunbathing, etc.

            You would be welcome to come for 10 days arriving 14th or 15th. My daughter and family fly in on 25th to Palermo, so we’ll be back near there on 24th, ready to pick them up and drop you off.

            Look forward to hearing from you.

            Best wishes


        • Raewyn

          Hi Nigel

          Many thanks for the info and look forward to further details in April regarding possible route and update on others that hopefully will join you onboard to help share the cost.

          Best regards


        • Nigel

          Yes, I’ll be back in touch from Olbia in due course. If, in the meantime you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

          We look forward to meeting you.


  2. Very much like the new site!
    Could we possibly come out and see you last 10 days Aug – do you have space?
    Love Sian.x

    • Hi Sian, That sounds great! I’ve pencilled in 21st – 31st August in Sicily and I’ll look into flights for you all. x

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