5 May: Planning the passage to Sicily

Posted from Licata, Sicilia, Italy.

I left Dave, now in the company of his girlfriend Jennifer, on Oboe, with a short list of work still to be done and at 05:00 drove out of Marina di Olbia and headed south to Cagliari in my car to catch the day ferry to Sicily, an 11 hour crossing. The plan was to drive to Licata and find the Marina di Cala del Sole, where we will base Oboe for a summer of cruising and exploration around Sicily, Malta and Tunisia.

It was 02:00 before I finally flopped into bed in a little guesthouse near the port, because unbeknownst to me, 5 May was the festival of Sant’Angelo, patron saint of Licata, which meant closed streets, youngsters dressed as “marineros”, rampaging teenagers, a fun fair and vast quantities of ice cream and candyfloss! Despite hours of travelling, I felt obliged to join in, at least with the ice cream eating and beer drinking!

Waking to a beautiful day, a 5 minute walk saw me in the marina and enjoying a cornetto con marmalata, a fresh squeezed orange juice and an espresso, before meeting the delightful staff in the marina office and touring the marina. I’m looking forward to arriving next time by sea, in Oboe, which will likely be a 3-4 day and night sail from Olbia, Sardinia later in the month. ¬†Crew for this exciting passage will be my old friend Steve Fowler and my new friends Stephen and Michael Massarella. Time to begin to study the long-range weather forecast I think!



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